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Our motto... Information is everyone's right

About us The Al elymany website started with an idea for one individual until it became a growing team. Our mission is to provide information that may be a reason for one of them to survive exploitation and prey on fraudsters.

This is the result of years of experience for the site owner, the consultant. Maher Elymany, Advisor to the World Federation of Yemeni Communities.

As it became clear that most of what happens to Yemenis inside and outside Yemen is the result of the lack of information, which some have become monopolized, such as the monopoly of food commodities with traders in order to manipulate prices.

Hence, he launched the Elymany application, and because the application works on Android devices only, it was necessary to think about expansion, and after a year and with the need to develop the idea, the Elymany website was launched.

about us

The site is Yemeni with distinction and is not affiliated with any party or party, and our motto is to avoid the ongoing war conflict inside Yemen and to focus our full attention on the Yemeni citizen and his service.

After a year of work and providing free information and services to the Yemeni citizen in the diaspora, we decided to expand our activity to be a site open to all without neglecting the Yemeni citizen.

We hope to be a reason to fight ignorance and poverty, and to be one of the sources in raising awareness by providing information without interfering in politics and various conflicts.

All services within the site are free. We publish your business and projects and what you want us to provide of information and alerts in various fields that the visitor requests from the Elymany website team.

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