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The virtual museum project to protect Yemeni history 2022


Mission Statement: Yemeni ancient artifact must be globally tracked, registered and protected . The Yemeni untold story must be scientifically authenticated and reintroduced to uncover one of the first human civilizations.

Building an integrated digital archive will enable laying the scientific foundations to start reading Yemeni history with a scientific methodology and provide an ecosystem of smart services for the Museum of the Future

المقالة بالعربية 

Artificial intelligence and smart services


The latest research shows that museums can no longer provide a one-dimensional visitor experience. Instead, they need to focus on multimedia forms of communication, visitor engagement and knowledge transfer as a learning experience. The use of technology such as artificial intelligence and smart services can play an important role in making a visitor’s experience as enjoyable as possible across all four stages of a visitor’s journey. This not only whets the appetites of first-time visitors and motivates others to return, but also enables the museums to raise their profile in competition with other tourist attractions. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a growth in interest in digital and contactless services.


The virtual museum project

The virtual museum project to protect Yemeni history 2022


Moving from the era of the human museum to the virtual museum


It is especially important to communicate in the pre-visit stage, when people decide to go to the museum. This is the perfect moment to start incorporating the use of digital assistants – including robots – into visitor interactions. Ticket controls and admissions are two areas where digital systems can greatly enhance the convenience of a visitor’s experience as well as compatibility with other digital technologies to manage visitor flow. This includes predicting which offers and services will attract the visitor, based on their profile, as well as offering in-app services, digital assistants will be used to supplement the human workforce.


A tour of a digital museum


Museums can incorporate digital elements in a variety of ways. This includes virtual exhibition tours on the museum’s website, the use of augmented reality (AR) to superimpose additional information on some of the exhibits, and the creation of smart focal points capable of crafting an individual museum experience based on the visitor’s intentions and the context of their visit. Each of these three options offers added value to both visitors and museums alike.


A visit to the museum begins before you visit the site and continues after you leave it. It should be seen as a dynamic process that also includes preparation and follow-up phases, before and after the actual visit. The latest research from the Museum of the Future project highlights a whole host of practical examples that show how digital systems can be used to enhance the different phases of a visitor’s experience and thus help virtual museums make them as personal and enjoyable as possible.


“Museums should seek to use modern technology in a subtle way in order to improve storytelling and thus attract new types of visitors,” says Sophia Weidmann, Project Initiative for the Museum of the Future and Managing Director of MUSEUM BOOSTER GmbH. Desire to see as many innovative ideas that our project partners have put into practice.”


In many cases, the coronavirus has forced museums to rethink strategy. This has significantly accelerated the shift towards digitization. As Professor Vanessa Burkmann, Head of Research Team for the IAO Fraunhofer Museum for the Future project explains: “Museums are very keen to provide their visitors with a meaningful and valuable experience. To do this, they need to establish a personal relationship with their visitors. This ensures that visitors have an enjoyable time, and it helps to Create an emotional experience and create a bond with the museum.”


in conclusion

We wish you success in this great project. We also thank the alternative approach and Karim for integration and international development and the Yemeni Businesswomen Council. As the project is huge and will serve the Republic of Yemen, the Yemeni people and the history of the Yemeni state. These are the models that we cherish and are proud of because of the wonderful, beautiful and fruitful work they do.

Greetings from the Elymany website team.

The virtual museum project to protect Yemeni history 2022


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